No Memberships

We understand that most people are not amazing dancers. And guess what? We aren't either. We come in all shapes and sizes and ability levels and that is what makes us great. We turn the lights out so that no one can see you and we just have a good time. 

Unlike most gyms or fitness programs we offer a no-commitment flat rate entry fee. There are no memberships or sign ups required. Each class is simply $5 at the door. Come when you can without the worry of expensive membership fees. 

First Time is always Free

We are so confident that you be hooked after your first time, we always allow first timers to come for FREE. You have nothing to lose but some extra pounds. Bring some friends and try it out together. We will see you soon! 

Non Intimidating Atmosphere

Dance Fitness Classes for all ages and ability levels

 M-TH 6-7pm Sat- 9-10am

HG Fitness